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Alcohol Reduction  

Alcohol Reduction

Similarly successful results have been obtained in using the tank to help heavy drinkers reduce their alcohol intake, or stop drinking altogether. For several years, Hospitals have used the Floatation tank as an integral part of their hospital-based stress management program.
In a statistical analysis of eighty-seven outpatients gathered over a one-year period in the early 80s. The hospital noted that those who used the tank had a 50 percent reduction in smoking and 45 percent reduction in alcohol consumption.
These statistics are striking, since the program was directed at general stress reduction and not specifically toward modifying a single behaviour such as smoking or drinking.
The Floatation tank can be used as a self-assessment tool to devise your own programs:
For the first time you can even work on coming up with solutions.
What you want to say to yourself in the tank, which is in its self very therapeutic.
Then each session that follows becomes a kind of booster session, adding power to the suggestions you have already incorporated into your life.
For the taped messages and self-suggestions to have the desired effect, deep relaxation is essential. Only a few people have ever experienced deep relaxation, or know how to go about relaxing, but the Floatation room allows you to go rapidly and easily to a deeply relaxed state.
This way the behaviour modification programs can have their greatest effect, and it is not necessary to devote a large part of the time allotted for taped messages during the float session.


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