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State of Relaxation


The first isolation tank was developed by Dr.John C.Lilley when working for the National Institute for Mental Health(USA) to find out what would happen to the brain if it were deprived of external stimuli. Isolation tanks function by allowing a user to float in a concentrated solution of Epsom Salts maintained at such a temperature that the user feels neither hot nor cold.This temperature has to be very precise as after prolonged floating variations of over half a degree can cause either sweating or shivering. The correct temperature is approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit below normal body temperature. At the same time the tank user is shielded from all external sounds and the interior of the tank is kept completely dark.

The effect of floating in this manner is to counteract as far as is possible the effect of gravity and to releas those energies used to deal with the normally ever-present stimuli of existence and to maintain the three dimensional reference frame which every person has. The absence of gravity and externally generated stimuli mean that a person using an isolation tank can obtain extremely deep rest and relaxation.the tank user can also channel his or her freed mental energies to positive ends.Isolation tanks can also provide a method of reducing pain in people suffering from injury or illness in a way not readily achievable by any other non-drug base means.

Anyone with a high stress level will find it close to impossible to maintain that stress level after a float session due to endorphins being released in the brain as well as their brainwaves shifting from beta to alpha and even theta. Theta is a brain state that is normally reserved for people trained in meditation. And a person can achieve theta brain state during their very first float session, making it a quick and easy way to achieve deep relaxation. And a person can achieve theta brain state during their very first float session, making it a quick and easy way to achieve deep relaxation.

Floatation tanks are in a category all their own, the benefits achieved in a one hour session are significant on their own, but when compared to other therapies.

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