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Float-es isn't just another float tank



When San Juan researched float tanks we didn’t just research we floated in them! Recording the positives and negatives of each and every style. We then did a study and found many floaters also had good, better and best experiences. The more they floated the more our subjects could tell us what they liked and disliked about each float unit they floated in. In our quest to build the most versatile float tank. We wanted to be sure that it would provide the absolute best experience to a salt tank floater and bring more floaters to the float tank experience. With Float-es we have done that!Out of this research we improved everything functional about the Float units currently available today. Improved every aspect of design. The Float-es  has the best ventilation, most efficient and quieter, re-locatable equipment system. Most efficient 24-7 Sanitizing and filtration on the market. Our break down design allows for easy transport and location of our units allowing you to carry the Float-es through any door. Our special chase design hides all pipes eliminates sound vibration and insulates the sound to the bare minimum as well as enhancing temperature control. These are just a few of the hundreds of positives we designed into the float-es

Once we conquered the quest to making the absolute best Epsom salt tank and best float. San Juan Pools wanted to do something even more special! After all we just joined the exciting Epsom salt tank industry. We had just made the best float tank available for commercial and residential use. What more could we do? How could we make anything this exciting even better. Especially after all the benefits a Epsom salt float tank offers. However San Juan went yet one step further than any other float tank or chamber on the market. We added an additional function! Correction not just a function but a second type of float experience! We are not just offering a Epsom salt experience. We offer much more! The Float-es offers a Silk Oxygenated Epsom Salt Experience! This unique feature is exclusive to the San Juan Float-es and adds a whole new dimension to deprivation tank relaxation. The Float-es design improves the common float to a much deeper richer unparalleled experience. Float-es provides both the standard float experience as well as the Silk Oxygenated Epsom Salt Experience expanding your current customer base 10 fold. Increase your float business by adding the Float-es to your line of float tanks. 800-535-7946

San Juan Fiberglass Pools, Float-es devision has partnered up with MicroSilk®. We are so excited to be adding MicroSilk® to all our Float-es units. This addition to our Float-es puts our Epsom Salt float tanks in a exclusive class of its own! Adding MicroSilk® brings even more health, healing and wellness benefits that are just not available on any other float-tank on the market. MicroSilk® creates billions of Micro bubbles injecting them into our Float-es giving the floater a totally different float experience. The Billions of MicroSilk® bubbles oxygenate and adds a warm massaging sensation to the water. Softens and exfoliates the skin creating a unique and enhanced float experience. MicroSilk® floats have shown to improve or relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Its massaging and relaxing hydro therapy affects have helped many sports injury's as well. Between the benefits of Epsom salt and the benefits of MicroSilk®... the sky is the limit to this winning combination.


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Interior Float Tank


Interior Float Tank

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