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Weight Loss

Interior Float Tank


The float tank is an effective tool in a weight reduction program, as well as treatment of addictive behaviours. Scientists think that floatation is effective in weight loss programs and for treatment of addictive behaviours because of its positive influence the production of endorphins. The natural opiates of the body decrease the stressful withdrawal symptoms of addiction and replace the need for addictive substances with the pleasurable feelings produced while floating. Similar results have been achieved in weight loss programs developed for the float tank. There are two elements necessary for motivating oneself to accomplish certain goals and be free of non-adaptive or stressful behaviour. The two elements are relaxation and focused attention.

The float tank is an effective tool for positive self-motivation because it provides the following;

- Eliminates all external stimuli so you can concentrate on yourself.

- Produces a very deep relaxation so you can be open to suggestion and open to positive thoughts and attitudes.

- Produces chemical changes in your body which favour clarity of thought, improved memory and problem-solving Combined with complementary modalities, the float tank is an effective tool for self improvement.

Interior Float Tank

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