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The Float-ES story

Float Epsom Salt Tank
San Juan
Float-ES Epsom Salt Float Chambers

Float Epsom Salt Tank

Float Epsom Salt Tank

We've been floating our entire lives. We floated in the womb, We float in the bathtub, We love floating down at the lake, We float in the salt water when were at the beach, we float in the swimming pool, but you've never floated as effortlessly as you can in a San Juan Fiberglass Float-ES (That stands for Float Epsom Salt).  

We received an email in 2012 which asked if we made epsom salt float tanks. I had never heard of an epsom salt float tank so I Googled it and found all kinds of web sites and images relating to REST and sensory isolation chambers.

I was intrigued as to the sensation of floating in a warm 93.5 F bath of 900lbs of Epsom Salt and 100 gallons of water. This combination creates a 1.3 specific gravity fluid which causes your body to be lifted and supported evenly on all sides.

With a personal interest in the possibility of floating in a weightless epsom salt environment I replied that although we did not currently have molds to build epsom salt float chambers we we're certainly capable of building them.

And so the San Juan Fiberglass Float Epsom Salt (Float-ES) was developed.

Float Tank

The San Juan Float-ES is the easiest Epsom salt float chamber to set up and the most efficient to operate. With a 9 gal/min salt water pump, a 25 sq ft filter, a high output Delta UV sterilizer and a 13 amp electric titanium heater, the entire system plugs into a standard household circuit.

It has the ability to be carried into an existing building set up without removing doors and windows. When assembled it has the volume of a large pup tent. The tub at 45" wide and 84" long and 12" deep, the Float-ES has one of the largest surface area of any totally fiberglass tank on the market.

The float-es has a large 30"x30" doorway set at a 45 degree angle to allow easy entree and exit. It has friction hinges that allow the door to be held open for those who prefer to float looking out to the sky.

My first reaction from exiting the Float-ES chamber was why I hadn't found out about this Epsom Salt floating tank sooner. What a perfect way to spend 30 min to 3 hours in total silence. I have never had such a peaceful night sleep as when you soak in the warm Epsom Salt bath.

There is no feeling of hot or cold, just a warm blanketing effect that removes all of the sensations of your skin. When you open your eyes you relieve that there is no stimulation of light, open-closed there is no difference. This allows your mind to visualize into the blackness anything you need/want to see. With your ears under water and with earplugs in, you find that everything goes still and you can focus on your own breathing and then nothing.

The relaxation and chiropractic stretching that possible when you are floating is nothing like I have ever experienced before. It's as close to weightlessness as you can achieve here on Earth! Everyone can benefit from time in a Epsom Salt Float-ES.



Float-ES Epsom Salt Tanks can be used to improve your life in many different ways, from stimulating pain-killing endorphins to improving performance for athletes.
Some of the life improvements you can expect are:
Decrease stress, anxiety and tension by lowering the related levels of biochemicals in your body.
Weight Loss, evidence shows that floating can initiate weight loss and has a maintenance effect to help keep off the additional unwanted pounds.
Pain-killer, floating stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins reducing pain.
Helps reduces bad habits, as in smoking, drinking, drug use and counter acts withdrawal symptoms.
Improved performance for Athletes, as well as increasing recovery time.
Super-learning helps increase the minds power on comprehension.

Interior Float Tank

Interior Float Tank

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